Dragons and Badges and Challenges. Oh My!

Dragons and Badges and Challenges. Oh My!

Dragons are roaring into Trove! Earn your own dragon pup ally and raise it from an adorable friend into a fearless, flying, and fire-breathing dragon; born of both nightmare and legend.

The sky’s the limit – literally. Your dragon mount will soar through the air, while you cling on for dear life (we assume).

Consume Azulian Dragon Souls (earned by completing Challenges, as described below) to unlock your Azulian Dragonling pet.

Once your adorable dragonling ally is by your side, consume more Azulian Dragon Souls to power it up until it becomes the Azulian Fledgling Mount. This mount is fast, well-trained, and it’s got halitosis!

Keep powering up your dragon and eventually it will grow into a full-fledged Azulian Dragon! Soar through the air atop this epic dragon and be the envy of your Trovian neighborhood.

Finally, crank this dragon up to 11 by unlocking the Legendary, Azorian the Blue! Not only does this gorgeous beast come with mad flying skills, but it can also vanquish foes with its powerful fire breath! Whether or not you choose to act out scenes from Game of Thrones is entirely up to you.

We’re proud to introduce Badges! Express yourself with as many pieces of flair as possible. You’ll earn Badges by doing stuff in Trove. Beat a bunch of dungeons? Take a badge! Hey champ, that’s a lot of fish you got there. Badge it up!

Is there a badge called the Badger Badge for creating a badger for use in Trove? No, there isn’t. Should there be? Maybe. Is there likely to be? Who knows? I tell you what; you ask some great questions, you kooky Badge lovers!

Trove is offering Challenges to provide players with extra rewards for accomplishing specific tasks in a set time. Challenges will start at the top of each hour and will run for twenty minutes.

In that time, you can complete the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level of each Challenge. Each completed Challenge, Bronze through Gold, awards one Dragon Cache. If you take on the Platinum challenge, you’ll earn multiple Dragon Caches, which will grant a chance to earn Azurian Dragon Essences. Combine Azurian Dragon Essences to create the coveted Azurian Dragon Souls!

July 9th is just around the corner! Read more about the Road to Launch.