Monster Bash Preview: Boomeranger


By sword or bow or hidden bomb, the Boomeranger will blast their way into Trove in May!

The Boomeranger – pronounced Boom-eh-Ranger – is a true jack of all trades. Pick your bow, blade, bomb or boomerang as needed! Perfect for dungeoneering; check out this list of abilities:

Finishing Blow (Passive): Every third attack the Boomeranger makes is a zinger! Whether a whirlwind of steel from your sword or fusillade of arrows from your trusty bow, your Finishing Blow will make your enemies quiver in fear!

Boomerang: Found in the extreme southerly regions of Trove, the Boomerang is a cool hunting tool beloved by Corgis as well. Catch the Boomerang when it returns, and reduce the cooldowns on all your abilities!

Big Bomb: While words and kindness can solve some problems, others are best approached with a bomb. A Big Bomb. Boomerangers LOVE those sorts of situations!

Mysterious Urn: What’s in the urn you ask? Mystery, obviously! It could contain rare crystals to restore your health, a passel of explosives to defeat your enemies, or something altogether different! Weird rumors report roving gangs of extremely violent chickens launching themselves from a crushed urn, and laying waste to all in their path!

Get ready for Monster Bash and the Boomeranger, they’re coming this month!