Fish ‘N’ Ships Update Sails into Port

Fish ‘N’ Ships Update Sails into Port

Ahoy there land lubbers, the Fish ‘N’ Ships update has arrived!

With Fishing, Ships , Pirates, and the Treasure Isles , Fish ‘N’ Ships is sure to have something that floats your boat! To get started, hit the hub and head to the new ship house to get your first ship and fishing pole!


Pirate Captain Class

Pistols, parrots, and peg-legs! Avast, Trove’s newest class is here, bucko. Head to the Trove store or a Class Changer to unlock the Pirate Captian class, complete with cannon-manning parrot companion, and live the life of a salty outlaw. Yarrr!



‘Captain’ has a pretty nice ring to it. Head to the ship house and take the helm of your new vessel (and press ‘G’ while in water to start sailing) – you can collect different types of ships, and customize the sails, to boot. New level 70 and 80 Mastery rewards have been added that will net you your own boat and sail, so veteran Trovians already have things in ship shape. If you have a flair for the fantastic, check the Trove store for a couple unique sea rovers – a dragon ship and a ghost ship!


Treasure Isles Biome

Once you have your ship, head for the high seas. Thar be treasure in them…er…Treasure Isles. Explore the oceans of Trove for adventure, fortune, and golden seashells but watch your back and mind your course. Plenty of foolhardy adventurers have found themselves back o’ beyond or worse…at the bottom of Davey Jones’s locker.



Take up lure and line (… the ship house, remember?) and you’ll be set to travel the lands of Trove angling your way to becoming a master fisherman. With unique collections of rare and valuable fish to bolster your Mastery level, glim, and crafting supplies to build even more spectacular sea faring vessels, Trove’s newest past time can be a very helpful hobby. Once you have your gear, press ‘F’ near water to start fishing.


Block Beard’s Booty

If you need all the loot, check the store for the new Pirate Pack . You’ll get the Pirate class, both Trove Store exclusive ships (complete with custom sails), and both new Pirate costumes. That’s like a zillion glim’s worth of loot (or about $55) for only $19.99.

So get ready to weigh anchor and plunder the Treasure Isles. Fish ‘N’ Ships is here!