Fish ‘N’ Ships Preview: Casting, Catching, and Sailing the Seas

Get ready to sail away to exotic locales and cast a pole for all sorts of finned findables with our upcoming Fish ‘N’ Ships Update, targeted for March 31, 2015!

Ships in Trove are a whole new form of transport capable of sailing the seas in your search for booty. Obtained through crafting or Mastery, ships let you navigate through unfamiliar waters in search of unique materials and pirates with whom to trade. Be quick to your cannon though, or you may be paying a quick visit to the ocean floor!

Many an idyllic afternoon has been whiled away with the ancient art of angling, and it’s coming soon to Trove! Craft yourself a fishing pole and lure, then search out your catch in open water, roiling plasma, bubbling lava, or molten chocolate. All sorts of rewards and piscine prey are available, including rare specimens unique to specific locations and time of day.

Rumors swirl from tavern to shore about Fish ‘N’ Ships’ new Class, Biome, and more. For now we’ll just say “Yarrr!”