Two Magnificent New Steeds Await!

Two Magnificent New Steeds Await!

Two new horses have galloped into Trove ready to trample the warriors of Shadow!

These powerful destriers are all that anyone could want from a mount (and are 100% guaranteed to require no mucking of stables).

First up is the noble Warhorse (available now in the Trove Marketplace), a heavily-armored battle mount who doesn’t skimp on intimidation. Leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, this fearsome charger most certainly means war!

Radiant Steed
Next is the Radiant Steed, who can be acquired from special caches dropped by Giants (or more rarely from harvesting shards) in the Radiant Ruins. Glowing brightly, their light shines forth to inspire fear in the servants of Q’bthulhu.

Go forth and tame one of these noble mounts – a finer pair of horses has never been seen in Trove!