Take Flight Preview: Runecrafting & Radiant Ruins


In the beginning, the world was ruled by Elysians, and Trovians lived in peace and harmony. But jealousies arise, even between gods.

Shining radiantly in her kingdom in the sky, the Sun Goddess led the Elysians and Trovians with wisdom and compassion. Over time, the Moon Goddess grew jealous of this harmony and schemed to steal their devotion for herself. Working in the dark, she forged a secret pact with the shadowy Q’bthulhu allowing the forces of evil to enter the Inner Realms.

Evil rarely holds to its bargains, and Q’bthulhu and his minions were no exception. Battle was waged from dawn until dusk, and as the sun set on the day of the invasion, the Sun Goddess knew the realms would not last the night.

Left with a single choice, the Sun Goddess sacrificed herself in a radiant explosion that shattered her domain and repulsed the forces of shadow. With her last breath, she imbued the Trovians with her power, appointing them protectors of the realms to continue the fight.

Radiant Ruins


A collection of majestic sky islands are all that remain of the sundered realm of the Sun Goddess. Each is covered with ancient, trap-filled ruins suspended over the crashing seas below. And each holds important treasure: runic knowledge of the Elysians filled with immense and mysterious power.

Bold adventurers can reach the islands of the Radiant Ruins through a special new portal and take to the air to explore the hidden secrets of their once-hallowed halls!



The pursuit of Elysian power is known as Runecrafting, the latest profession to come to Trove. Utilizing the magical recipe paper and mysterious crystals unearthed in the Radiant Ruins, Runecrafters can craft new artifact Tomes. These arcane books unlock powerful boons to adventuring (like gaining extra resources as you gain experience), as well as the ability to craft special and patterned blocks (plus styles no longer available!).

The best part? Radiant Ruins and Runecrafting (along with Wings and the Shadow Hunter Class) will be available when the Take Flight Update launches next week – on Feb. 10, 2015!