Take Flight Preview: Shadow Hunter


The all-seeing Shadow Hunter Class is coming soon to Trove!

The Shadow Hunter is a fearsome sniper armed with a deadly bow, razor-sharp arrows, and a whispering crystal that can see through walls. Preview its abilities below and look for the class to emerge from the shadows in the upcoming Take Flight update!

  • Dark Whispers (Passive): A special crystal lets the Shadow Hunter track a target through any obstacle while peppering them with empowered shots.
  • Radiant Arrow: Fire a scintillating shot that pierces through walls – and other enemies!
  • Sun Snare: Set a trap that dazzles your foes with a luminous flare, knocking them senseless for a short time.
  • Arrow of the Goddess (Ultimate): Mark ALL nearby enemies with Dark Whispers and let fly with a Radiant Arrow touched by the Goddess herself.

Don’t get left in the dark, the Shadow Hunter is coming soon!