Trove Producer Letter: Taking Flight in 2015


Hail Trovians!

This past year we’ve gone from a game where I could log on and chat with literally everyone playing to a home for thousands of players adventuring in new worlds every hour of the day. We’ve gone from a game with some limited building and destruction to one with endless adventure, construction, trading, and a great community.

But we’re not stopping there. Not when our goal is becoming …

The Ultimate Sandvox
Modest, right? Simply put, if there’s something fun to do with voxels in an MMO adventure setting, we’re going to be there and we’re going to be the best.

But enough about the past! Let’s talk about the future. If we’re aiming to be the top, what are we doing to earn it?

Earth, Wind, and … Water
But not necessarily in that order. Wind first. We’re adding wings (Gliding), sky islands (Radiant Ruins), and a new profession (Rune Crafting) – not to mention a new class – in the near future.

After that, we’ll take up Water. Imagine an island kingdom, trading with pirates, fishing, “swimming,” and a Class that goes with it all.

Finally, mag rails winding their way through mysterious caverns sounds like fun to me, along with a helping of earthly features in the same vein!

Better Building
OK. OK. You builders are going to get love, too: more block colors and types, more mechanics, a few portals, and anything else that we can think of. And we also want to let you guys – the truly dedicated ones (you know who you are) – build even more of the gameplay. From end-game Shadow Dungeons to other gameplay arenas, we’ll be figuring out new ways to open the game up to you.

More Adventure and Expanded Economy
You combat junkies need bigger monsters to fight, new abilities to wield, and more loot to earn! (These are the things that keep us up at night, too.) We also think it should be easy and rewarding for everyone to trade and participate in the economy, so we’ll be creating a system this year to make the Trade channel simply a small part of a larger economic system!

Beta … and Launch!
Our goal is to bring Beta to a close sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I want you guys to treat us like we’re not. Call us out on what needs to work better, and don’t let us get away with “buggy” when we can do better. Our primary goal is a fully-functional battle station. We’re getting close and we won’t rest until it’s ready.

I want to end this by saying thanks! A game is made by its players. Without YOU we wouldn’t be here, and whether you’re a free player or our most extravagant supporter, you ALL make Trove worth making. We look forward to sharing the next year with you!

Andrew “Avarem” Krausnick
Game Director, Trove