The Coolest Time of the Year


Snowfest, the annual winter event for Trovians, is available now through Jan. 5, 2015!

Sleigh your way to Snowfest, the new holiday event taking Trove by storm. Winter weather is blanketing the Hub with snow, cheer, and no shortage of presents – now through Jan. 6!

Collect Snowfest Mystery Boxes filled with seasonal goodies by vanquishing Adventure World enemies and completing high-level Shadow Arenas throughout Trove. Each Box has a chance to contain decorative recipes, snowballs, and more – including a rare Snowman mount and a loaded Sleigh Mag Rider. You can also guarantee rare loot drops by opening your Snowfest Mystery Boxes with Golden Keys from the in-game store!

Craft your very own Pemburr, the Caroling Corgi, and don’t forget to visit the in-game store for a special Santa Barbarian costume and Rudolph Raptor!

Join the celebrations and have a very happy holiday!