Extra Life is Oct. 25 – Play for a Starter Pack & More!


Trovians, are you ready for this Saturday’s Extra Life charity gaming marathon? Each year, Extra Life raises millions of dollars for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and we hope you’ll help us make a bigger difference in kids’ lives this year than ever before!

Join us on October 25 at 8am PDT as we celebrate Extra Life for a full 24 hours during a massive Free Weekend event in Trove! Prepare today by signing up for the Trion Team and checking out our Extra Life page: Friends and family members can sponsor your day of marathon gaming, and you’ll earn a huge range of rewards for hitting donation goals.

Think of the children! Do it for the children!

Extra Life 2014 Rewards

  • Raise $25 in donations for a special Joystick Pet.*
  • Raise $75 in donations for an Arcadian Helm.*
  • Raise $150 in donations for a Primal Starter Pack loaded with storage, blocks, and 2 Classes: the Neon Ninja and Fae Trickster!
  • Everyone who raises an incredible $500 in donations will receive our ultimate Voxstar Pack to commemorate their heroic effort. As a Voxstar, you’ll take the reins of 4 Classes plus a vault full of Credits & Primal Blocks, race around Trove in a Fun Police Mag Rider, and wield the power of Troveblade!**

*Plus rewards in ArcheAge, RIFT, and Defiance, too, as you hit each milestone! Learn more.

Event Goodness
Extra Life kicks off during our massive Free Weekend Closed Beta event, letting you play with all your friends absolutely free! Enjoy our Shadow’s Eve seasonal event, score limited-time loot, and level up with our new Mastery system, unlocking more power than ever before.

Want free access to Closed Beta ALL the time? A special Beta invite is included in the Extra Life Humble Bundle, which comes stuffed with other games and goodies including a Trove Starter Pack and a month of reddit gold no matter how much you pay!

And don’t forget: We’ll be broadcasting live giveaways, too, throughout the event. Join us on the team and have a fantastic time playing for a great cause!

The Trion Extra Lifers