Get Gardening in Trove!

Exploring lairs, defeating dragons, and fending of pugilistic robots can exhaust even the mightiest adventurers. Fortunately, Trovians have discovered a new, more peaceful pursuit that trades sword and shield for shovel and spade!

We’re talking about Gardening, of course, the latest feature to sprout up in Trove. Pull out your gloves and gather your seeds, there’s planting to be done!

Ready to garden up a storm? Search out the Sun Shrine in the Peaceful Hills adventuring zone and stock up on water with your handy sponge.

  • Planting options are plentiful, but Primal Blocks are a perfect place to start.
  • Feel like branching out? Try a range of attractive options like the Lumina, whose blooms take on the color of the light under which they grow.
  • Seed some Steed Feed to craft new mounts (and make best friends out of the ones you already have).
  • Grow your repertoire to include item transformations that turn your plants into valuable loot and more as Gardening continues to evolve!

Sheathe those swords, soak those sponges, and check out Gardening today – you never know what you might dig up!