MassivelyOP: Perfect Ten

Justin Olivetti has something to say about RIFT in its current state. Ten somethings, in fact!

“I’ve gone from not thinking much of this title in my absence to somewhat missing it to absolutely craving it within the span of a week, and I’m sure that’s only going to get worse.” [Worse? No, no, this is a GOOD thing, heheh. ~Brasse]

“So whether you’re thinking about returning to RIFT this spring or perhaps taking it up for the first time, here are 10 features from the game that I feel deserve public kudos.”

MassivelyOP’s list is below, but see the original article here to read all of the details! We’re proud of the world you’ve helped us shape with your feedback and support over the years – we’re coming up on our 7th anniversary in March!

1. Free and instant server transfers

2. No factional barriers

3. Dimensions

4. Instant Adventures

5. Level scaling

6. Cosmetics

7. On-the-fly class adjustments

8. Zone puzzles

9. Minions

10. Support roles

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