Razer zGold Special Promotion

We are proud to announce that RIFT, along with all of Trion’s games, now accepts Razer zGold as a payment method!

zGold is a unified virtual currency for gamers that allows you to pay securely across an increasing number of games and platforms. Keeping your funds together will allow you to better manage your spending (as well as spend more efficiently), all while gaining access to discounts and promotions exclusive to zGold users. If you want to learn more about zGold, you can visit the official site here.

So, why should you using zGold? Because we have 2 incredible (and exclusive) deals going on right now: buy the new RIFT Ascended Essentials Pack with zGold to get the RIFT Intermediate Pack FREE and buy the 3,250 Credit pack with zGold to get 1 month of Patron FREE.

Each of these killer deals can only be acquired once per account and will only be available to a limited number of purchasers.

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