TRION IS MOVING! March 17-19th

We’re almost packed up and ready to roll over to our new studio space, just a stone’s throw away! Loading up on March 16th at 5:00 PM PST.

  • Your RIFT team will be out of office from 5:00 PM PST on Thursday, March 16 until 10:00 AM PST on Monday, March 20!
  • This move should not affect your enjoyment of our games (servers are off-site), and no patches or even restarts are planned for this time frame.
  • Customer Service will continue to work on support tickets as usual, from our Austin studio.
  • There will be NO livestream (or hosting) this week, as all of our streaming equipment is being carefully disassembled this afternoon so that the IT folks can get it set up at the new studio. We all pray that the AC will be more robust there… those lights are hot!


We have professionals hefting and lugging for us. All we have to do is pack our geeky stuff. (Image by Sparklynn Wolfsbane.)


We are currently surrounded by boxes, crates, kennels, souvenirs, carefully labelled computer equipment and assorted nerdy collectibles as we approach our packing deadline.  Backups are done, backups of backups in progress. All of Trion is excited to be moving into a new space, one that looks more like a game studio than a cube farm – plus it saves us money!

Techs are already onsite at the new office, madly installing network cables, loosely resembling this picture. (Image by Sparklynn Wolfsbane.)


Rumors that the move was planned to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day at the request of Brasse are yet to be investigated by a special subcommittee, once we find her in an empty barrel somewhere. Someone will be tasked with rousting her out in time on Monday!

Will our new cubes look this this? Wishful thinking! {Image by Sparklynn Wolfsbane.)


We’ll see you back online As soon as we’re settled in, on Monday the 20th!

I think we’ve got everything! Wait, do we need to pack the kitchen sink? (Image by Winter Charm.)