RIFT STORE: Pet Skins & Blue Butterfly Wings!

Pet lovers rejoice! March brings with it the pet skins you’ve been asking for!

In the March RIFT Store update, we have added the long-coveted special pet skins, once only available through limited means. We know you’ve been asking for these and are pleased to deliver! You can find them all on offer in the RIFT Store under Pets > Combat Pet Skins.

Clerics now have five widely varied skins to employ: 
· The elegant, flittering Glitterwing (Greater Faerie Healer)
· The magically infused Shalistiri (Satyr Destroyer)
· The powerful Skyhunter (Greater Satyr Protector)
· The enigmatic Spirit Kite (Greater Faerie Seer)

Rogues may now employ two gorgeous skins:
· The massive, tanklike Khadgak (Greater Razorbeast)
· The swift, bloodthirsty Khadlig (Blood Raptor)

Warriors only access one skin in this release, but it may be the best of all:
The amazing Sky Whale (Greater Primal Companion)

Mages receive a matching group of three Planetouched Wilds Denizens:
· Baac Bloodcaller (Shadow Revenant)
· Baac Dreadtrooper (Greater Skeletal Zealot)
· Baac Marauder (Greater Skeletal Knight)

Wings are the most desired new fashion accessory in RIFT, so we also released a lovely new set of wings for all to enjoy! The Blue Butterfly Wings are a must-have for your spring wardrobe! You can find them in the Cosmetics > Costume Armor section.

All of these items are available in the in-game RIFT store right now!

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