RIFT: Carnival 2020

It’s the time of year to play some rigged carnival games once again! Are you ready for this year’s prizes to win? We have a lot of prizes to give out! If you’ve got the tickets that is… Like the Carnival Masks! Frilled, Ribboned, Viper, Peacock a lot of masks to choose from and such little time to get all these tickets!

We offer a fantastic weapon effect guaranteed to tickle your fancy! It’s called the Fabulous Feather Fetish! We also have on the table quite a few shiny new pets! Vault, Squee, Goldbug, Digger, Bubo, Bling, Bast, and Aesop are available to be your companion in the tough times, whether it be Bastion of Steel or an emotional breakdown!

We offer 2 items relating to the dimensions some of you dimensioneers may enjoy and get plenty of use out of! The new Key to Dimension: Tenebrean Pocket Plane will take you out of this world! As well as with the Dimension Kit: Latticed Blocks you’ll have a lot more builds to come up with and enjoy!


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