ArcheAge: Unchained – Rock ‘n Scroll!

ArcheAge: Unchained awakens with the Rock ‘n Scroll Event starting on March 26th until April 23rd.

Get your Ruby from the Marketplace for 50 Gilda Stars (you can get 2 per account) and game on!

For every hour you play, you’ll be rewarded with a Gem Upgrade Scroll which you can use to have a chance to upgrade your Ruby to a Garnet, then a Topaz and so on so forth until you get the coveted Prismatic Diamond.

These scrolls work the same way as an awakening do, so there’s always a chance to fail! Worry not, adventurer. The longer you play the more scrolls you get to try and try again!

But what do I do with these gems?!

Great question! Here’s the answer, timely adventurer!

Find the Gem Exchanger in Mirage Isle (down the stairs then directly on your right!) and open it up to find all of the lovely rewards you can gain from your precious minerals.

– Ruby (Rank 1) – 50 Gilda Stars
– Garnet (Rank 2) – 2x Decrystallization Scrolls
– Topaz (Rank 3) – 4x Honorable Victory Rank 1
– Citrine (Rank 4) – Bound Temper Crate
– Emerald (Rank 5) – Coral
– Jade (Rank 6) – Nightfire Glider
– Sapphire (Rank 7) – Bound Temper Crate x5
– Aquamarine (Rank 8) – Serendipity Stone Crate x1
– Crystal (Rank 9) – Radiant Hiram Infusion x200
– Zircon (Rank 10) – Stormwing Pegasus
– Diamond (Rank 11) – Mythic Synthesis Crate
– Prismatic Diamond (Rank 12) – Eternal Synthesis Crate

If you managed to gain what you wanted, you can turn any unused scrolls in to the trader for 1 Gilda Star, recycling is fun!


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