ArcheAge: Patch Notes – December Update

With every step a hero takes, Erenor becomes a safer place, but with every challenge won, new ones arise as well. Learn the full truth of the Fall of Hiram City, and help the people of Hiram through the most difficult time of their civilization. Assist the Crimson Watch in defeating the most popular Courtesan of Mistsong and her personal army.

The Hiram Priests have always openly shared the story of the fall of their ancient civilization. Recent developments revealed new details of this tragic day and paint a far worse picture. Will you make the choice to take on a harder challenge in order to experience the full truth?
Face the challenging hard mode version of the instance The Fall of Hiram City. Fight against new foes and try to keep as many refugees safe as possible in this overall more difficult version of the instance.

If a PvE challenge is what you are after, then perhaps you should attend the Mistsong Banquet. Forget all you have learned and make use of the tools and skills you are given during this instance, in order to keep your enemies at bay and protect Erenor from the wrath of Lethy. Will you be able to stand through the 20 waves of monsters seeking to escape the banquet hall?

The Winter Maiden sends her regards and we all know what that means! Pop ice bubbles, defeat snowmen, and knock your opponents out in a 3v3 arena, using the sheer power of compacted snow. That’s right, the Snowball Arena has returned! Pick a buff to enhance your skills, and head into the arena for a heated battle! Win, lose, or draw there’s enough festive cheer and snowballs for everyone.

If snow is too cold for you, you can get up to a 50% discount on synthesis rates for your gear!

You can find the more detailed patch notes here!

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