ArcheAge: Ferath – The Black Dragon

Ferath – The Black Dragon is here and he’s hungry for revenge!

His sister’s betrayal made him furious and the sight of you has unleashed his wrath!
Even legendary warriors, who survived Ferath’s Dragon Breath, tremble from the sound of his Terrifying Roar.

Will you be the first to face and defeat him?
Will you equip the new weapons to defeat him?

You can get the T3 Black Dragon weapons by awakening your T2 Black Dragon weapons or looting the Black Dragon!

If you use sword and shield, then the Wrathful Black Dragon Tail-Reaper and the Wrathful Black Dragon Figurehead might fit your play style best.

But if you like to be an Archer and go for the hunt the Wrathful Black Dragon Eyesplitter should be your choice.

Mages are also very powerful with the Wrathful Black Dragon Staff.

Every weapon comes with additional effects which are not to be overlooked.

The Black Dragon spawns on TUE/THU/SAT at 21:30 UTC on EU.

But keep in mind, only the bravest will survive!

You want more information about the lore of Ferath? Follow this link.

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