ArcheAge – Relics of Hiram Update is live

ArcheAge - Relics of Hiram

Today the update 5.3 is live! The update ‘Relics of Hiram‘ includes many changes to systems, skills, and a new storyline! Learn about the people of Hiram and their hardships or hit the seas and get fishing with the Sports fishing update.

Western Hiram Mountains


Travel to Western Hiram mountains and speak to Encio near the Reedwind Border. It seems that the people of Hiram have sealed themselves inside of Hiram cave to protect themselves from the danger awaiting outside. However, they have opened their cave up for some help from the Crimson Watch. Learn how you can help the people of Hiram and learn more about their story and receive an Owlina as a thank you!

Fall of Hiram City

Help the Hiram refugees make it to the inside the Hiram cave safely. Their journey is long and full of hardship, so protect them from the dangerous wildlife, bitter cold and assist them in making sure their cave is well supplied. Teamwork is imperative between all 15-20 of you, so make sure that the braziers are lit, there’s food on the table and the farm carts are in working order. There isn’t much time though, you need to save as many people as you can in 20 minutes. If you fail, there’s no telling what the future of the Hiram people will be.

Red Dragon’s Keep

ArcheAge Red Dragon

The Red Dragon has retreated to his keep, where you can challenge him again, but he’s become stronger. His scales replaced with dangerous spines, his skills have become faster, and his combat pattern altered. Craft powerful new weapons, but with an increased cost. Are you up for the challenge? Access the Keep through the new Arena UI.

There’s much more to explore in Update 5.3. View the detailed full patch notes here.

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