Welcome to gamigo!

As of October 23, 2018, gamigo US Inc. is managing the online worlds of ArcheAge©, Trove, Defiance 2050, Rift and Atlas Reactor, constantly working on new features and exciting updates for the games. During the previous months, gamigo has released major patches for ArcheAge© and Trove. Players can, for the first time, enjoy the Colony Courtship Event in the online Shooter Defiance 2050.

Our product teams are working hard to give new players and veterans thrilling quests and adventures to enjoy with their friends. There will be new areas to crawl through, new items to experiment with and much more! Here at gamigo one team broods over destructive weapons from dusk till dawn, while their office neighbors – and sworn archenemies – spend the entire day inventing new crafting materials. In the world of gamigo, titles like ArcheAge© and Trove won’t just continue to run, they will continue to evolve.

Our community managers will listen to you on the fan pages, forums, Facebook and game worlds so that we can achieve the best possible experience in your favourite games.

We wish you lots of fun in the colourful world of gamigo and look forward to an exciting year 2019!

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