Unravel the Secrets of Auroria in ArcheAge – Relics of Hiram

Unlock an ancient and forgotten power in a new region of Auroria in this all-new ArcheAge expansion

Redwood City, CA – August 21, 2018 – Trion Worlds and XLGAMES are excited to announce the 5.0 update to ArcheAge, their vast free-to-play sandbox MMO! In ArcheAge – Relics of Hiram players will explore brand new areas of Auroria, discover lost secrets, and collect incredible gear! ArcheAge 5.0 – Relics of Hiram is scheduled to launch later this fall.

ArcheAge 5.0 – Relics of Hiram takes players to a brand new zone: the Western Hiram Mountains. New challenges await the champions of Erenor in this stunning new endgame zone. Face challenges and conquer them to attain new gear, increase your Ancestral level, and more!

For the first time ever, this new expansion also introduces a brand new skill set! The new Malediction skillset allows players to use powerful dark magic to exploit their enemies’ weaknesses while empowering themselves. The 11th skillset for ArcheAge, Malediction adds 45 new class combinations for players to experience.

ArcheAge 5.0 – Relics of Hiram also introduces a new tier of Hiram gear for players to awaken. Complete daily quests in the Western Hiram Mountains to earn fantastic new Hiram Guardian Gear!

The 5.0 expansion brings with it even more features and improvements for ArcheAge, including an increase to the Ancestral level cap, enhanced house customizations, new achievements, and more.

ArcheAge 5.0 – Relics of Hiram is scheduled to be released this fall. For more information on ArcheAge, please visit https://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/.


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