Trove: Bomber Royale Is Blowing Up!

Trion Worlds celebrates the success of its new mode for Trove with a new trailer and a new updates!

Trove: Bomber Royale is a hit! In a little over a month, hundreds of thousands of players have experienced what the brand new fast-paced multiplayer combat mode for Trove has to offer. To celebrate, we are releasing a new accolades trailer, showing you what members of the press have been saying about the exciting mode.

Today also brings along some great new updates for Trove and Bomber Royale. This update introduces the Blast Cam to Bomber Royale, letting players that met their explosive ends spectate as the action unfolds from the perspective of their opponents. Watch your remaining foes fight it out in the match, and adjust your strategy by tailing your opponents, figuring out how to get the upper hand in the mode’s action-packed and frenetic gameplay!

The latest update also brings along a host of quality of life improvements, including increased responsiveness, leaderboard updates, XP tweaks for Bomber Royale, and tons of other great additions and fixes. For the full list, visit the Trove blog.

A twist on battle royale gameplay, Trove: Bomber Royale is a free, action-packed new take on PvP with a twist. Up to 20 players can hit the battlefield, chucking a variety of bombs at each other, demolishing the terrain and laying waste to their foes in a white-knuckled, frenetic contest of explosions and excitement. Collect power-ups, close the gap between you and your enemies with your trusty grappling hook, and fight to be the last Trovian standing!

Additionally, players who tune into the Trove livestream on Twitch ( this Friday, August 10, 2018 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM PDT will be able to earn a Magic Trove Carpet mount for use in the game! For the full details on how to participate and earn the Twitch Drop, please visit this Trove blog post.

For more information on Trove: Bomber Royale, please visit, and for more information on Trion Worlds’ library of games, please visit

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