Discover a Wondrous New Planet in Trove – Geode

Trove’s spelunktastic summer update transports players to a brand new planet with caves galore to explore!

Redwood City, CA – May 17, 2018 – Trion Worlds is excited to announce the next major expansion for Trove, its popular free to play voxel MMO. Trove – Geode sends players on a journey of exploration and discovery to a brand new planet filled with oodles of wonders and remarkable sights. Explore Geode’s intricate network of caves, reveal new lore about Geode and its people, and be a part of story-driven adventures in an enormous all-new world!

The peaceful denizens of Geode need your help. The forces of shadow have taken over the planet, forcing the Geodians to seek sanctuary on the Builder’s Spire. In their desperation, they’ve called upon all Trovians to embark on a journey to the planet, exploring its caves and utilizing its resources to help the Geodians take their planet back!

Trove – Geode is the next step in Trove’s evolution, and built with a wholly distinct feel. Combat takes a backseat to exploration, as players discover new collectibles and companions, embarking on story-driven quests through Geode’s maze of tunnels and cave systems.

Trove – Geode launches this summer alongside the previously revealed Trove Bomber Royale mode. A fast and frenetic spin on battle royale gameplay, Trove Bomber Royale has up to 20 players chucking bombs at each other across the battlefield, using power-ups, and decimating the terrain in order to become the last Trovian standing!

Trove – Geode releases on June 26. Trove is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more information on Trove, please visit, and for information on Trion Worlds and its library of titles, please visit


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