RIFT Prime: Omega PTS Server Opens Soon!

RIFT PTS will soon offer a second server at shard select: Omega!
We’ve been hard at work on this project over the weekend, which will allow us to better test features and balance before sending them to Prime.  The current plan is to release it on Monday, April 30th. We’ll be sure to update forums and socials when it spins up!

 What’s the difference?

“Omega” runs on a Prime config and will have a test build of unreleased Prime changes on it.
“PTS” runs on a Live config with access to all Live classes/levels/abilities.
We plan to set up boost NPCs on Omega to allow characters set level and gear (unlike Live’s PTS, you can’t copy a Prime character to Omega at this time)
The main purpose of Omega is to make soul balance changes visible on the Prime configuration before publish.

It is important to mention that many of these changes will apply to both Live and Prime, where Prime is a subset of Live.
Souls on both services will benefit over time from the Omega PTS!

Read all of the PTS/OMEGA PATCH NOTES here!

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