Fly into Action in Trove – Heroes, Available Today!

The day is here, Trovians! Trove – Heroes, the latest expansion for Trion Worlds’ voxel MMO, is launching today! Become the Vanguardian, save the city of Luminopolis from the nefarious Amperium forces, and use beacons to summon and defeat gigantic Mega World Bosses!

Check out a stylish new trailer for Trove – Heroes here:

Assume the role of the Vanguardian, a special kind of hero class inspired by the silver age of comic books. Tasked with restoring light to the city of Luminopolis, the Vanguardian is a noble and dynamic warrior, combining potent melee attacks with ferocious ranged attacks for a well-rounded and fun gameplay style. With the Vanguardian’s accessible approach to combat and comic book flair, this exciting new class is a formidable force against the darkness.

While players will be engaged in a number of exciting adventures in Luminopolis, they can also make use of beacons, pillars of light that summon down Mega World Bosses to fight in their club worlds. These foes are not to be trifled with, so take their challenge seriously! These bosses are the biggest yet in Trove, so use all you’ve got to take them down!

Trove – Heroes also introduces Rampages, a new type of challenge that find players taking on enormous creatures who are determined to destroy Luminopolis. When you get the call, rush to the city with your fellow Trovians and take down the threat before it can wreak havoc on Luminopolis!

Trove – Heroes drops today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and PC via Trion’s Glyph platform. For more info on Trove, visit the game’s official website at, and for more information on Trion Worlds and its library of free to play games, please visit

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