Save the City in Trove – Heroes

Trove - Heroes

Team up with the Resistors to become the savior of Luminopolis in this exciting new Trove expansion!

Redwood City, CA – February 16, 2018 – Trion Worlds is excited to reveal the next free expansion for Trove, its hit voxel MMO, titled Trove – Heroes! Coming spring 2018, this update allows Trovians to live out their comic hero fantasies in an awesome new cityscape and through an exciting new class!

Trove – Heroes focuses on the neon festooned city of Luminopolis, a new high-tech skyscraper-laden section of Neon City. Luminopolis has been thrust into a battle for power between the evilly robotic Amperium and the Resistors, a rebel group fighting to bring the light back to the city. Players will partake in all new adventures, interact with new NPCs, wage battle against gigantic invading Mega World Bosses, and fight to save Luminopolis from the nefarious threat of the Amperion.

Trove – Heroes also introduces an all-new Expert Class: the Vanguardian! A heroic class that pulls inspiration from the classic silver age of comic heroes, the Vanguardian is a paragon of virtue and strength. Utilizing fluid combat in up close and personal melee skirmishes and from afar via effective ranged attacks, the Vanguardian is well-equipped to take up the cause of the Resistors and turn back the Amperion once and for all!

Another new feature introduced in Trove – Heroes is the beacon system. Bright lights that shine in the sky to attract heroes to their challenges, beacons will test the mettle of even the strongest Trovian, summoning enormous enemies to do battle, with a great opportunity for loot granted to the victor!

Trove – Heroes launches in spring 2018. Trove is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and PC via Glyph. For more information on Trove, please visit the game’s official website at, and for more information on Trion Worlds and its library of free to play games, please visit

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