Holiday Login to Win Sweepstakes Update!

Over the holidays, several Trion games hosted a Login to Win Sweepstakes. Here’s the update you’ve been waiting for!

From December 13, 2017 until January 4, 2018, we asked our NA and EU players to login to our games for a chance to win a treasure trove of sweet loot! Each daily login counted towards an extra entry.

Here’s what the winners will get:


  • Grand Prize (3 Winners): Enoan Galleon
  • Second Prize (5 Winners): Growling Yawl Design
  • Third Prize (10 Winners): Seawhip Speedboat Design


  • One winner per platform (three total) will win a MASSIVE arsenal of lethal and advanced Jackpots from Defiance’s past Bargain Boxes, including:
    • Sol Destroyer – Weapon/BMG
    • Apocalypse – Weapon/ Rocket Launcher
    • Mayhem Barrier – Shield
    • Mobile Fortress – Shield
    • Celestial Wrath – Weapon / Rocket Launcher
    • Omnipotence – Weapon / Minigun
    • Savage Canopy – Shield
    • Quantum Garrison – Shield
    • APS Vagabond – Vehicle / Armored Truck


  • One of three Ophiel’s Bounty’o’Mounts, a colossal collection of over 40 mounts including the Abyssal Thresher, Burning Husk, Celestial Unicorn, Frosty Budgie, Hazel Cappie, Moosedantix, Primal Razorback, and many more!


  • Three highly-anticipated Shadow Gandas, also known as Yabaki, the Cast Shadow, one per platform! It destroys blocks in Club Worlds where you have permission to do so.

Now…the winners have been chosen! We sent out emails to the winners earlier today (January 16, 2018). Check your mailboxes to see if you’re a winner! Once we’ve heard back from all the winners, we will update you on who won!

Thank you for participating in our holiday sweepstakes and being an amazing part of our vibrant player community!

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