Atlas Reactor Turns One, Season 4 Coming October 10

The fourth season of Trion Worlds’ exciting MOBA introduces new gameplay elements and exciting new features!

Redwood City, CA – October 4, 2017 – Trion Worlds is excited to announce that Atlas Reactor is celebrating its first anniversary! To mark the occasion, players will receive a ton of stuff just for logging in, including free freelancers, free skins, and free boosts. Additionally, we’re taking 50 percent off of almost everything in the game! Check out the official blog for a breakdown of all the great 1st Anniversary sales:

The Atlas Reactor first anniversary celebration runs from October 4 and lasts until October 9 (ends at 8:00am PDT). A bonus Flux weekend will also be underway during the celebration, running from October 6 through October 8. The past year has been fantastic for Atlas Reactor and its players, ranging from launch up through the most recent Fourlancer update, which introduced a game mode that allows players to experience 1v1 matches while controlling all the lancers on their team, adding a completely new feel to the gameplay. The Fourlancer mode has taken off with the game’s fans, and is a smash hit with players looking to experience a more intense and fast-paced take on the game and is just one of the awesome modes that players have been engaging in.

Here’s what players accomplished in Atlas Reactor in its first year:

  • 7,905,690 kills in PvP/Ranked matches.
  • 24,380,288 takedowns.
  • 112,128 entire days of Atlas Reactor played.
  • 4,523,882 times players taunted each other.
  • 5,287,519 GG Boosts used
  • 3,599,385,041 damage dealt.
  • 879,396,064 units of healing done.
  • 40,973,175 power-ups picked up.
  • 581,960 games went to overtime.
  • 49 extra turns in the longest overtime game.
  • 1,663,471 overcons used.
  • 4,188,603 Freelancer levels gained.
  • 123 on Kaigin: highest Freelancer level attained
  • 88,042 Lockwood Trick Shot: most taunted ability
  • 1,491,324 Zuki Big One hits
  • 0 messes left on the rug by PuP (he’s a robot…)
  • 1 cigar unfinished by Lockwood (how’d he get it to last so long?!

Atlas Reactor’s first anniversary isn’t the only new news; on October 10, Season 4 of Atlas Reactor will officially begin! Built with player feedback in mind, Season 4 will be a tighter experience than the previous three. Season 4 changes the format, presenting weekly missions instead of Chapter-aligned ones, with the lore being presented weekly instead of by chapter. The theme around Season 4 is Trust, allowing players to earn Trust themed rewards and earn items that they may have missed out on in previous seasons.

Additionally, challenges are being replaced with an all-new Alerts system in Season 4. Alerts pop up randomly, giving players a timed window to earn cool rewards and bonuses!

Season 4 Launches on October 10. For a full breakdown of the 1st Anniversary events, please visit: For more information on Atlas Reactor, please visit the game’s official page at:


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