Valor Program: New Rewards Announced


Defiance 2050 – Valor Rewards Overview

Ark Hunters, it’s time to talk Valor! Get rewards in the free-to-play action shooter Defiance 2050 by completing Pursuits and making purchases in Defiance. Before Defiance 2050 launches this summer, we will announce a Valor cutoff date and after the cutoff your purchases and Pursuit score will be converted into Valor Commendations in Defiance 2050. With Valor Commendations, players can unlock some returning items from Defiance (Ex: Red VBI Infiltrator outfit) and new Valor rewards listed below.


New Valor Rewards:

  • 8 New Outfits With Headgear
  • 6 Vehicles (each with 2 special tints)
  • Inventory Slots
  • Loadout Slots
  • Boosts
    • XP
    • Scrip
    • Rep
    • Weapon XP
  • Titles (including both new and returning titles from Defiance)
    • “The Returned”
    • “Valorous”
    • “By Rarnok’s Beard”
    • “Reloaded”
    • “Dauntless”
    • “Valiant”


DLC, Titles, and Account-based Transfers

Defiance 2050 is focused on building new core systems and being accessible to more players. Previous DLC content from Defiance will be free to all players in Defiance 2050. For Defiance players who have previously earned unique titles, such as “Old School” and “Daredevil”, they will be able to transfer those titles over to Defiance 2050 along with several others that will be announced in the future. Account based upgrades, such as character or loadout slots, will be transferable as well. Check out the Valor FAQ for additional questions you may have.

Defiance: Recruit-A-Friend

There has never been a better time to get your friends playing Defiance. We have just launched our Recruit-A-Friend campaign that allows you to unlock sweet rewards for recruiting and playing with friends. Unlock the exclusive Headhunter Title, Inventory slots, Hellblazer Nomad Truck and Tier 3 Lock Boxes. To top it off, if your refereed friend wants to play on PC they can get an additional 30% off the game through Trion Worlds.  How do you unlock these rewards you ask? It is actually very simple.

1.) You need to own a copy of Defiance across any platform and have a valid Trion Worlds account. (Xbox 360 and PS3 accounts need to be account linked)

2.) Head on over to

3.) Ask your friends for their e-mails or simply post your recruit link via you social media channel of choice.

4.) Watch your rewards unlock as your friends play the game. (Friend accounts on Xbox 360 and PS3 need to be account linked)

For a full list of rewards see the below: