Closed Beta Wrap Up: Over 3 Million Hellbugs Destroyed

Closed Beta Wrap Up

The first fights of Defiance 2050 are over for now, thank you Ark Hunters for playing in the Closed Beta and telling us your thoughts on social media, forums, and our livestreams each Friday. The Defiance team has been reviewing your survey feedback, checking out comments, fixing bugs, improving server stability, and gearing up for all the new systems coming to launch this summer. Let’s take a look at some of the cool data we gathered from closed beta!


Closed Beta Fun Facts:

  • 3,451,479 Hellbugs Killed (those Hellbugs didn’t stand a chance)
  • 4,769,146 Mutants Killed
  • 213,519 Total Levels Gained
  • 68,305 Completions of the Chaos Reigns Mission
  • 420 Ark Hunters Reached Max Level 25 in Beta (420 top Beta Blazers, who’d have guessed)
  • 37 Hours was the Longest Session Playtime from a Player
  • 8,206,389 Minutes of Beta Played (that’s over 136,000 hours of gameplay)


Early Founder’s Packs Available Now

Suit up your Ark Hunter with a 3-day head start at launch and take a look at the Defiance 2050 Founder’s Packs for PC. The Ultimate Founder’s Pack includes an amazing ATV, 5 unique classes, slick outfits, special titles, inventory slots, 30-day XP boost, and $50 worth of Bits! Defiance 2050 is a free to play, co-op action shooter set in a massive sci-fi world filled with post-apocalyptic gear and alien ark technology. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Founder’s Packs will also be available at a later date.


Heading Into Launch

As we get closer to Defiance 2050 launch this summer, we’re excited to share the new class abilities, updated graphics, itemization upgrades, and much more in the road ahead. The next beta event and launch date have not been announced yet, but stay connected on our official forums, Twitter and Facebook page for upcoming news. If you can’t wait to hunt some hellbugs, play the original Defiance now and complete Pursuits (and purchases) that will turn into Valor rewards for Defiance 2050.

Shadow War – Open World PvP

Shadow War is Defiance’s massive open-world competitive battle that allows you to test your skills against other players without the limited boundaries of a specialized competitive map. Queue up for a Shadow War match through the Matchmaking section of the EGO menu, or via the Quick Menu:

If a Shadow War is already underway in your area you will be added immediately; if not, details of the queue status will display underneath your health bar. When the match is ready to start you can either manually enter the match immediately, or await automatic deployment when the countdown finishes:

There are two teams in Shadow Wars, vying for control of between 3 and 7 key locations in the region. Once you enter the shadow war you will still be in the open world and still in the overworld region that you queued from, but you’ll notice you are now wearing your Competitive gear. This outfit does not affect your stats at all, but indicates which team you are on. As you earn rewards in Competitive play, you can unlock special outfits that show off your accomplishments. You can choose which Competitive outfit to display during Competitive play in your character EGO menu, on the Loadouts page:

Your own team will be represented by the color blue in the score UI, and the enemy always displays as red.
In Shadow War, the goal is to capture and hold as many of the objective points as possible. Once the Shadow War begins, not only can you shoot and kill other players, you can also run them over with your vehicle. In addition, you will find that the Cerberus truck may sometimes appear near an objective point and can be used during the Shadow War. This is a heavily armored vehicle that seats three people: one driver, and two passengers who can use the vehicle’s weapons to attack enemies. Control of this vehicle can grant a tactical advantage, so keep your eyes open for it!

Note that although Shadow War takes place in the overland, any active missions you have in the region will be suspended during the match and you will not be able to progress them until the Shadow War is ended.
While the Shadow War is active, the positions of your own team are indicated on your map with small green icons. Larger letters show the objective points and the color (blue or red) shows which team controls them. However, enemy players do not display an indicator so stay vigilant.

Should you be killed during a Shadow War match, you will have the opportunity to switch your gear around before rejoining, and you can then choose where you wish to respawn. You’ll have the choice of respawning at any objective point that your team controls. In addition, if a member of your team is currently driving a Cerberus vehicle and has an empty seat, you can choose to respawn in that vehicle and instantly rejoin the battle with the Cerberus’s guns at your disposal.

As with all types of Competitive play in Defiance, rewards and skills you gain in Competitive can be used in Cooperative play, and the reverse is true also. The Shadow War ends when either the time runs out, or a certain number of points are scored by one side.

Shadow War takes place in the same open-world region that you queue up in, so take advantage of your exploration of the world during cooperative play to get a feel for the land and learn its strategic advantages! In fact, if enough people on your current game server queue for Shadow War, it will be kicked off without moving you to another shard. Others on that game server will see the Shadow War taking place and can act as spectators (or queue up and join also), or can ignore the battle going on around them and continue in their cooperative exploration (they cannot be harmed by Shadow War participants if they haven’t joined). If not enough people on your local game server queue up within a short period of time to kick off a local match, then you will be moved together with others queuing from other game servers to start a Shadow War in a new game server.