Be a Founder and Join Head Start on July 6th

Arkfalls are invading PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on July 6th, now’s your chance to be among the first to fight in Defiance 2050 by becoming a Founder. Unlock special items bundled in a variety of Founder’s Packs available for a limited time only. Pre-order Xbox One, PC, or Steam Founder’s Packs in the store now and PS4 Packs for NA only will be available on July 6th. PS4 EU Founder’s Packs will not be available during Head Start, but all platforms and regions will be able to play at 10AM local time on July 10th for launch. See what’s included in the Ultimate Founder’s Pack here:

Ultimate Founder’s Pack:

  • 3-day Head Start
  • $50 worth of Bits currency
  • TMW Hannibal 800R ATV
  • Assault Class + Outfit
  • Assassin Class + Outfit
  • Guardian Class + Outfit
  • Combat Medic Class + Outfit
  • Demolitionist Class + Outfit*
  • Exclusive Demolitionist Outfit Tint
  • 30 Inventory Slots
  • 30-day XP Boost
  • “Classy” Title
  • “Demolitionist” Title
  • “Opportunist” Title


Head Start Goes Live on 7/6

Become an Ark Hunter as early as July 6th and discover the post-apocalyptic San Francisco for yourself in the world of Defiance 2050. Head Start goes live at 10:00am Pacific on Friday (7/6) on PC and 10:00am local time for Xbox One and PS4 (NA only). Head Start will continue through the official launch on Tuesday (7/10). The free-to-play Defiance 2050 launches on July 10th, and afterward the Founder’s Packs will no longer be available. After purchasing a Founder’s Pack, log onto the appropriate platform and Glyph account to play in Head Start.


What’s New In Defiance 2050?

Defiance 2050 is a reimagined sci-fi shooter that takes the compelling story, universe, and gameplay of the original game, and gives it a great overhaul.

  • New classes include the versatile Assault, deadly Assassin, protective Guardian, supportive Combat Medic, and explosive Demolitionist that each add their benefits to any team.
  • New item enhancements allow for more customization and power to your arsenal. Upgrade, reroll, and unlock bonuses for weapons you find and discover new prototype weapons, like the hellbug infused Venom Spitter.
  • New graphical updates for Xbox One, PS4, and PC and quality of life improvements to heighten your in-game experience.


With new core systems and improved visuals on a newer generation of hardware, Defiance 2050 is setting a solid foundation for launch and aims to evolve the story with new content in the future.


See you in the New Frontier!

*Once the tutorial is completed you’ll be able to select from your full list of unlocked classes.

How To : Redeem Your Pre Order Bonus Content

As the Defiance team works day and night to send out all of your pre-order items and gear, we wanted to share a few hints that could be helpful to players.

Edition redemption codes and instructions: Check the back cover of your game manuals for redemption instructions and a unique redemption code. These codes unlock the Standard, Collectors, and Ultimate edition digital items.

Pre Order Redemption codes and instructions: If you pre-ordered directly from Trion Worlds you should already have all of your pre order items.

If you pre ordered from a third party (GameStop/Wal-Mart/Amazon/Best Buy) you should have received your redemption code to unlock all of your pre-order items at the time of your pre-order. Please contact your retailer first if you have not received your pre-order code.


Red Dodge Challenger pre order vehicle: Everyone who pre ordered the game before April 2, regardless of which retailer you may have ordered from, will receive this vehicle. Your Dodge Challenger is tied to the same pre order code mentioned above, so be certain to check for your code or contact your retailer if necessary.

Remember, if you purchased the game on or after April 2nd you will not receive any of the pre order bonus items above.

Redemption Help: If you have a code that is 20 digits then that is a PC code that you need to log into your Trion account at and enter your code under Account Management . If you have a 12 or 25 digit code then you need to enter that code on your console when prompted after you start the game .

If for any reason you cannot get a pre order code from your retailer please contact our Customer Support team at and they will assist you as best they can.

Limited Edition Red Dodge Challenger Pre-order Bonus!

Pre-order Defiance for either PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 and receive the Limited Edition Red Dodge Challenger SRT8! This offer is only available as a pre-order bonus and all retailers will provide the Limited Edition Red Dodge Challenger SRT8 with your pre-order.

Pre-order your copy of Defiance here:

Need more details around the  Limited Edition Red Dodge Challenger SRT8? Join us here: