Mutant Free Paradise Community Event

Trees planted in the Bay Area Frontier serves to protect, provide and nurture the transformed landscape of the planet. During the Pale Wars our planet has been considerably changed, with new topography, the extinction of known plant and animal species and the emergence of new species named mutants.  

Nowadays we’ve been getting many reports that these species are involved in the mass destruction of trees. Details are still coming in, but we know that Earth can be saved only if we eliminate them… together!   

Hurry and help us to make a Mutant free Paradise! 

What is Mutant Free Paradise Community Event? 

Players will be asked to target listed species in the game during the given time frame. You simply login into the game and execute against the challenge provided. Just contribute whenever you can!

Each week, there will be a new challenge announced that you will have to achieve together by playing. Spend some time as a community by killing listed species to make a mutant free Paradise. 

Week 1 (April 5th, 10 AM PDT – April 8, 10 AM PDT): Cleaver extermination 

This week’s community target is to kill a total of 50000 Cleavers with the following name plates: 

  • Cleaver 
  • Mutant Cleaver 
  • Formidable Cleaver 
  • Experienced Cleaver 

If the target is reached before April 8, 10 AM PDT every qualified player will get rewarded with the following: 

Defiance 2050: 6x Solstice Strike Cache  
Defiance: 1 x Hot Streak Supply Crate + 2 x Premium Ex Inanis Supply Cache 

If target is not reached a smaller reward will be applied: 

Defiance 2050: 2x Solstice Strike Cache 
Defiance: 2 x Premium Ex Inanis Supply Cache 

Additionally, top 3 most contributing players may obtain special forum title and discord role “Mutant Fighter” until July 1, 2020 – This reward is optional. 

Event Rules

  • Event applies to both games, all platforms and servers.
  • Reward will be applied only once per account, if you have multiple ingame characters then items will be credited to the character with a higher counter. 
  • You can get one reward in Defiance 2050 and one reward in Defiance. 
  • Reward will be sent to every player who has a progression with at least 20 eliminated Cleavers. If target is reached but your counter is less than 20 you’re not getting a reward.
  • There will be no in-game tracking provided, you should make your own tracking if you want.  
  • Task completion will be announced after April 8th
  • Rewards will be send approximately within a week after challenge completion.
  • Event rules and description are not related with the official Defiance timeline or history.
  • Your in-game nickname may be listed in the leaderboard.
  • The average counter that every daily active player should reach to complete this challenge is 30-40. Please note that this number is only for informative purpose.

Ark Hunters, our community is under attack. We must work as a team or Earth will have no future! 

Gamigo and Eden Reforestation Project united in a common cause

Greetings, Ark Hunters!

Our Paradise takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where giant mushrooms and alien flora dot the landscape along with remained forests and lands of Paradise. But today we ask you to check the world outside your window, the world that needs your support to make a permanent change. We are here, to take a step in the right direction.

As a part of gamigotrees event we have joined with Eden Reforestation Projects in their fight to combat climate change.

Eden Reforestation Projects is an organization that restores forest systems tree by tree alleviating the devastating effects of deforestation. Every tree planted serves to protect, provide, nurture and sustain all of life.

The work of Eden Reforestation Projects also rebuilds communities. Fair wages and a commitment to skill-building and employment for women and single parents help keep farmers from selling themselves or their families into slavery just to survive. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be partnering with them.


For PC players we will have 3 packages of goodies available which can help this cause. Inside of them, you will find anything from caches and skins to consumables and monthly passes depending on the package you choose.

Most importantly, for every $1.99, $9.99 and $19.99 package, Eden Reforestation Project promises to plant 2, 10 or 20 trees respectively.


Below you can take a closer look for the available packages.

Garden Pack – available for Defiance 2050 PC:
Contains 2x Weapon Skin Cache. This pack can be bought multiple times.

Grove Pack – available for Defiance 2050 PC:
Contains 3x Weapon Skin Cache, 2x Purified Gulanite (30) and 1x Synergy Crystal Cache. This pack can be bought multiple times.

Forest Pack – available for Defiance 2050 PC:
Contains 1x Monthly Purified Gulanite Pass, 4x Weapon Skin Cache, 3x Purified Gulanite (30) and 1x Synergy Crystal Cache. This pack can be bought only one time.


Seed Package – available for Defiance PC:
Contains 2x Premium Ex Inanis Weapon Cache. This pack can be bought multiple times.

Flower Package – available for Defiance PC:
Contains 3x Premium Ex Inanis Weapon Cache, 2x Arkforge Cache (50) and 1x Caustic Fury Cyber Rig Supply. This pack can be bought multiple times.

Root Package – available for Defiance PC:
Contains 1x Patron Pass 30 Days, 4x Premium Ex Inanis Weapon Cache, 3x Arkforge Cache (50) and 2x Caustic Fury Cyber Rig Supply. This pack can be bought only one time.


For more details visit the project website!

Join us and make the world a better place!


* The packages can only be bought for the PC platform.
** Prices between different regions can vary with seemingly little consistency between the US Dollar, British Pound Sterling and Euro.

Defiance 2050 and Defiance Celebrate Armistice 2020!

Get ready, Ark Hunters! Join us as we celebrate Armistice, the end of the Pale Wars! After nine long years of suffering, fighting and chaos, when warfare had taken its toll on the planet, let’s exult at the demise of the tyrannical supremacy of the Earth Military Coalition.

Today, Armistice is celebrated with a series of various holiday events taken from years past and happening in-game all for your participation and pleasure! Let’s set the mood, shall we?

This year, the celebration of Armistice will feature 4 events taking place simultaneously in both Defiance 2050 and Defiance. Running from March 30 to April 27, each event will include holiday Caches and Supply Crates that may contain several rare weapons, synergies and a whole lot more.

Thanks to your vote, Defiance 2050 will run Event Horizon with Solstice Strike for the first two weeks (March 30 – April 13) and 99 Problems with Hulker Hell for the third and fourth weeks (April 13 – April 27). Defiance will feature Hot Crazy Summer with Nuclear Winter for the first two weeks (March 30 – April 13) and Death and Taxes with the Outbreak from the third and fourth weeks (April 13 – April 27).

Check out our Defiance 2050 and Defiance event notes for detailed information and join the Armistice celebration discussion on our forums!

Happy Armistice, Ark Hunters!

Armistice soon, Bargain Box returns with boosts!

Greetings Ark Hunters,

To start with, we want you to gather your squad and get ready for the first round of Arkfalls that will land in Paradise on March 30th!
You guessed it right! Armistice celebration will start soon and brings four weeks of holiday events!

Defiance 2050 Server Boosts (March 25, 11 AM PDT – March 30, 9 AM PDT)

But that’s not all. While this self-quarantine is happening around the world. We want you to stay home, and stay healthy! So, don’t plan to go outside because from today until the start of Armistice celebration we have turned on server boosts that will grant you +100% XP and Reputation. If you have any other boost active then they will sum up of course. That’s it! Make sure to drink a lot of water have some rest and boost your Ark Hunter!

Defiance 2050 Bargain Box (March 25, 11 AM PDT – March 30, 9 AM PDT)

But there’s one more card up our sleeve. If you remember our very popular Bargain Box from last year, it’s back in action.  Yes, you read it right! There are just 5 days to pick them up. 

These incredible, limited time boxes have a chance to drop virtually any type of epic or better item available in the game: weapons, mods, Purified Gulanite, primes, prototypes, and synergy. Each box also has a rare chance at dropping any of the two rare Prototypes – Outburst and Tirade! 

The Bargain Box may contain one of the following Items:

  • Special prototypes: Outburst & Tirade 
  • Other prototypes: Gore Auger, Venom Spitter, Atomizer, Continuum, Bonesaw, Archimedes’ Vision, Beacon, Senbonzakura, Vulcan, Pumpkin Patch, Squash Swarmer, Sugar Injector, Poultromancer, Whiteout, Hoarfrost, Philanthropist, Cupid’s Quiver, Nexus. The Professional & Ghoul’s Touch. 
  • Fusion Sets: Mod Fusion: Cosmic Resonance, Mod Fusion: Precision Torment & Mod Fusion: Cleansing Flames. 
  • Synergies: Agony, Backlash, Eruption, Merciless, Chaperone, Rampage, Voltaic, Volcanic, Caustic, Barbaric, Entropic, Singularity, Predator & Monster Mash. 

Defiance Bargain Box (March 25, 11 AM PDT – March 30, 9 AM PDT)

The Bargain Box is back with a vengeance in Defiance as well! The super rare weapons from the Bargain Box will blow your mind! Get tons of loot for a super low price, but they are only available for 5 days until the start of Armistice celebration.

These returning boxes have a chance to drop virtually any type of item available in the game including Jackpots, special weapons – Immovable, Unstoppable, Sol Destroyer, Omnipotence, Celestial Wrath and shields.

Don’t miss this chance to get the maximum profit with these boosts and Bargain Boxes! Stay home and stay healthy!