Crusader is Coming This Fall

This Fall, prepare to lead the fight as the hammer slamming Crusader charges into Paradise! Choose from a variety of classes in the free-to-play action shooter Defiance 2050, and brace yourselves for the valiant Crusader coming in the Fall.  Ascend your Ark Hunter with the Ultimate Class Pack that includes the upcoming Crusader class, Engineer class, and so much more!

Ultimate Class Pack:
$50 worth of Bits
Crusader Class + Outfit*
Exclusive Crusader Outfit Tint*
Engineer Class + Outfit*
Exclusive Engineer Outfit Tint*
Assault Class
Assassin Class
Guardian Class
Combat Medic Class
TMW Hannibal 800R ATV

*Disclaimer – Engineer and Crusader classes, along with their outfits/tints, will be delivered as they go live in-game (Crusader anticipated in Fall, and Engineer in Winter 2018).


Class Overview: Crusader

The Crusader is a formidable bruiser class that comes well-equipped with a mighty hammer they can summon to engage in epic melee battles! Level up unique skills and activate abilities to leap right into the action or pull in enemies toward you with full force. The Crusader can later unlock awe-inspiring abilities like an absorbing shield that protects and unleashes an outward attack for swift retribution! Alternatively, the Crusader can call upon a massive meteor strike from above and crash it down to explosively damage and knockback foes.

Demolitionist Arrives August 7th – New Pack Available

The Demolitionist class makes an explosive comeback on August 7th in the free-to-play action shooter Defiance 2050! Have an absolute blast dealing damage as a Demolitionist and toss grenades, spawn hatchlings, and make your explosions create even more explosions! Now’s your chance to unlock the Demolitionist by either purchasing the Demolitionist Class Pack* or through in-game earned Hunter Commendations.

Demolitionist Class Pack:

  • Demolitionist Class
  • Demolitionist Outfit
  • “Demolitionist” Title

*For PS4 EU only, the Demolitionist Pack in the Sony store has been delayed, but the class will still be unlockable in game on August 7th. News for when the Pack is available for PS4 EU will be announced on our social channels.


The Demolitionist is the first of many premium classes headed to Defiance 2050. Players can unlock premium classes in-game, through the Commendations Quarter Master and by accumulating in-game currency called Hunter Commendations. Hunter Commendations are awarded for completing certain Pursuits and Contracts. Premium classes will each cost 1,000 Hunter Commendations, and prepare to see exciting new classes like the Crusader and Engineer in the future.

As the Demolitionist, you can cause ultimate destruction and throw Satchel Charges that detonate at your command. Annihilate enemies with the Hatchling Spawner that generates a swarm of hatchlings or unleash a Flashbang that disorients enemies briefly. Upgrade unique passives, like Drop and Roll, to drop a grenade when you perform a dodge roll. Unload an entire Grenade Barrage that significantly reduces cooldowns for grenades or activate Cluster Projectiles that rain down additional explosions on explosion attacks or abilities.

Paradise is just getting started Ark Hunter, now go have a blast!

Content Roadmap: Plans for Paradise

Hey All,

Defiance 2050 Producer Matt “Destromathe” Pettit here and I am thrilled to bring you a detailed content roadmap for Defiance 2050 over the coming months.

With launch day behind us, we’re blown away by how many Ark Hunters have jumped into Defiance 2050. We’ve been working hard to create a smoother Defiance experience for all players by resolving the issues that have come up. Stability has been our number one priority since launch, and will continue to be a priority moving forward. Your excitement to jump back into the Defiance experience has been fantastic and we’re incredibly happy to see so many players, but we do realize how the influx of players can cause a strain on the experience on the whole. With that in mind, we’ve been working as quickly as we can to create an experience that is stable and bug free.

While we work hard to provide the best experience in the here and now, I am sure all of you are anxious to hear about what is coming in the future! We have a constant stream of content and events coming your way very soon.

New Classes

Over the next few months, we will be adding three new classes to Defiance 2050. While Founders already have access to the Demolitionist class, it will soon be available to unlock in-game for all players. Shortly after that, we will be releasing the hard-hitting Crusader class. The Engineer is planned to release this winter, giving players the ability to summon their own turrets!

Trouble in Paradise

The launch of the Crusader class comes with tough times for Paradise. Crusaders are not here to socialize; they are in town to deal with a new enemy, fighting to eradicate it before the Bay Area and the world itself are decimated. New enemies, Missions, Contracts, and story content are coming in waves, telling the story of this new menace each and every month. Each phase the story will bring exciting new content to explore, culminating in a final showdown early next year with the ultimate end-game experience that you have been waiting for.

This new threat will become stronger as time goes on, but Ark Hunters can load up with great new technology to fight with. Get ready for an entirely new character customization system coming this fall. Players can sink their teeth into some brand new technology that pushes their powers beyond anything featured in the game previously. This new system will change the way you play, and leverage both classes and power to enhance your ability to fight this new threat. We’ve created a road map of our upcoming content that you can check out below.

More story, new enemies, and new dangers are coming, along with new and improved weapons to help you take on the challenge every step of the way. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride in Paradise, so grab your prototypes and join us for many fantastic months of updates that we have in store. I can promise you that the wait will be worth it.

As always, thank you for being a part of the Defiance 2050 universe and bringing it to life with us. Join your friends, and come play with us in Paradise. It has never been a better time to be an Ark Hunter!