Defiance 2050

What is Defiance 2050?

Defiance 2050 is a futuristic free to play online shooter set in an extraordinary post-apocalyptic world with advanced alien technology. Fight on your own or alongside friends as you explore and unlock powerful weapons with extensive skill and customization systems. Enjoy a stunning Defiance 2050 experience with modern graphics on the latest consoles and computer hardware.

What platforms is Defiance 2050 available on?

Defiance 2050 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

How much does the game cost?

Defiance 2050 is a tailored free to play experience with exciting new systems to explore. To expand your experience, we also offer a variety of optional purchasable items that are not tied to power.

How is the gameplay different?

Defiance 2050 is the fully uncompromised vision of the Defiance team, offering a wholly reimagined experience with brand new systems, gameplay mechanics, and cutting edge graphics that take advantage of what modern gaming hardware can provide. Defiance 2050 has been built as a complete free-to-play experience, and everything from the mission structure and weapons systems to character progression and purchasables has been updated and modernized, resulting in the definitive Defiance experience.

Is Defiance 2050 cross-platform?

Defiance 2050 can be played separately on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 and is not cross-platform compatible.

What languages does Defiance 2050 support?

Defiance 2050 is available in English, French, and German languages.

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What is Defiance?

Defiance is a collaboration between Trion Worlds and Syfy that aims to be the next revolutionary step in transmedia entertainment. Both a massive free-to-play online game for console and PC and a television show, Defiance unfolds across a single immersive universe that will continually evolve. Simply put: this project is unlike anything that has ever been attempted before. The video game is a 3rd-person futuristic, online, open-world shooter where thousands of players battle for survival in what remains of the San Francisco Bay Area, and compete for Votan technology that falls to the Earth in events called “arkfalls.” You can choose to play as a human or alien ark hunter, diving into vast and varied gameplay and customization options that will keep you engaged for years to come.

Is Defiance free to play?

Yes! Download Defiance and join thousands of ark hunters – playing for free. Defiance also includes an in-game store with tons of great weapons, costumes, and gear available for purchase, if you so choose.

What do I get for purchasing Defiance before it converted to free-to-play?

For being awesome and purchasing Defiance, you receive a 30-day Paradise Patron Pass and a grant of 1000 Arkforge, which can be used to refine and upgrade weapons. In addition, you will continue to enjoy many perks on your account that new accounts do not receive, like additional character slots, loadouts, inventory, and ark keycode capacity. Additionally, everyone who had an active, paid account prior to free-to-play will receive a unique title: “Old School”.

Who is developing the game?

Defiance is developed internally by the talented team at Trion Worlds.

What platforms is it available on?

Defiance is available for PC, Xbox 360®, and PlayStation®3.

Is downloadable content available for Defiance?

New in-game content is frequently added free of charge as the TV show intersects with the game and the universe of Defiance evolves. In addition, five (paid) DLC packs are also available individually, or as a bundle.

How does the game intersect with the show?

The game and show exist in the same new and evolving universe of Defiance, sharing characters, species, events, and more. Regular show-and-game intersections take the form of in-game events, character and story crossovers, and promotions, just to name a few. Learn more at

What is the plot of Defiance?

Set in 2046, Defiance introduces a completely transformed planet Earth inhabited by the human and alien survivors of a global catastrophe. Forced to live and work together, this disparate group fights to build a new society among the devastation. In the game, you take on the role of an ark hunter – a treasure/bounty hunter recently arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area in search of valuable Votan technology. Almost unrecognizable after three decades of war and terraforming, the Bay has become a home to humans and Votans bent on claiming fame and fortune in the new frontier. There, you meet fellow ark hunter Nolan and his adopted Irathient daughter, Irisa, shortly before they depart for Defiance – a town built on the ruins of what used to be St. Louis. In the show, Nolan and Irisa take up residence in Defiance, joining its diverse inhabitants in the struggle to defend a fragile peace.


Can I customize my character?

Yes, you’ll choose your own progression path, modify and upgrade your weapons, customize the look of your characters, and more. You have a range of perks and power choices to mix and match as you progress, so no two characters will be the same.

What types of multiplayer modes are available?

In addition to team deathmatch and capture-and-hold modes, Defiance offers competitive multiplayer in a massive open-world mode known as Shadow War.

What co-op play is available?

Defiance features huge co-op boss battles and dynamic, open-world arkfall events, as well as instances (“dungeons” in MMO terms) to challenge small groups of seasoned ark hunters.

Am I able to play on my own?

You don’t have to join a team to jump in and have fun. You can play as a lone wolf across the new frontier, but it definitely benefits you to join others in more challenging fights.

What species can I choose from when playing Defiance?

Irathient and Human are available as playable races to all. Players who have purchased the Defiance DLC – Castithan Charge Pack also have the option of playing as Castithans.

What are Arkfalls?

The Arks were enormous alien ships that transported the Votans to Earth. During the struggles after the Votans’ arrival, the Arks were destroyed in orbit. From time to time a portion of their debris enters the atmosphere and plummets to Earth, creating an arkfall. The alien debris from the Arks frequently includes valuable resources and technology, making it a prime target for ark hunters, hellbugs, and other deadly scavengers. Arkfalls appear randomly either as single meteorites or as a cluster and can lead to very large, hectic battles depending on the number of players and/or boss encounters that come with them!

How do I level up in Defiance?

You progress in Defiance by improving your EGO Rating, which increases as you gain experience, complete Pursuits, and improve your skills. As your rating increases, you will find a greater variety of better gear in the world, and you will unlock new content and character benefits. In addition to EGO Rating benefits, gaining experience gives you EGO Units to upgrade perks and abilities, while increasing your weapon or vehicle skills improves your effectiveness with all weapons or vehicles of that type.

What is EGO and how does it affect my game?

The Environmental Guardian Online, or EGO, is a symbiotic neuro-muscular bionetic implant developed by Votanis Collective scientists. Designed to boost the battle prowess of Votan soldiers, EGO implants provide combat support, intelligence, and diagnostics through a complex local area network known as the Ark-Net. Ark hunters in the Bay Area Expedition have all been implanted. You will track your progress and make changes to your character via the EGO interface. EGO also provides you with information about enemies, activities, and events you encounter and briefs you on side-mission locations you can explore across the world.

Are there vendors in-game?

NPCs and automated vendors can be found throughout the world offering new weapons, mods, vehicles, Lock Boxes, and more. Some vendors offer special weapons, mods, or other items suited for your level for a limited amount of time. These items will display a timer – once it has expired, the item will be removed and a new item will become available for purchase. While most vendors take Scrip, completing Contracts for different factions, such as the Echelon Mercenaries or Von Bach Industries, will grant currency you can use to acquire particularly powerful and versatile gear.

What are Contracts?

Contracts can be found in your EGO Menu under the Goals section. Contracts are akin to quests that refresh on a daily or weekly basis that you can choose to complete to earn extra rewards, reputation, and faction-specific currency. Faction vendors can be found throughout the world and may sell items that are not available at normal vendors.

Are there guilds in Defiance?

Absolutely. Defiance offers a guild system called “Clans” that are accessible to player organizations both large and small.

How can I travel quickly while in-game?

Fast Travel is a feature that allows players to move quickly across large sections of the map. To Fast Travel, open your map and select the blue Fast Travel icon. Choose and confirm a destination to travel.

Extraction gives you the option of teleporting to your last checkpoint when you are immobilized or die in combat. If you log out and then back in to the game, you will pick up at your last extraction point.

If you ever get stuck while playing Defiance, simply log out, wait a few minutes, and log back in. You will return at the nearest extraction point.

Is there split-screen multiplayer for consoles?


Is there a crafting system in Defiance?

The Salvage Matrix is a basic crafting system allowing ark hunters to break down items into resources that can be used to upgrade gear. Use of the Salvage Matrix is a real-time process: start it via EGO, then leave the Salvage Matrix working while you play!


Do I need to be connected to the internet to play Defiance, and what type of connection will I need?

Yes, a broadband internet connection is required to play.

What are the PC system requirements?

Minimum specs
Windows® XP SP2
2 GB System RAM
Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz CPU or better
512MB video card (Nvidia® GeForce® 8600, ATI Radeon® HD 2900, or Intel® HD 4000 integrated graphics or better)
DirectX® 9.0c
DirectX® 8.1 compatible sound card
Broadband internet connection
15 GB free hard drive space

Will I have to be connected to Xbox Live to play the Xbox 360 version of the game?

Yes, you will need an active Xbox LIVE Gold account to play Defiance.

Where can I find information on Defiance servers and their current status?

A server status update page is in the works. In the meantime, alerts regarding server status will be posted to our forums as well as on our official Twitter feed.


Do I need to sign up for a Trion account to play the game?

If you choose to play the game on PC or take part in any of the reward programs, you will need to create a Trion account. The only console requirements are an Xbox 360 LIVE Gold or PSN account.

Can PC and console players connect and play with each other?

No, cross-platform play is not available.

How many characters can I create?

You can create your first two characters for free. Additional character slots can also be purchased so that you can expand your stable of ark hunters. If you own a retail copy of Defiance, you will have four available character slots.

Do I need multiple accounts if I want to play on multiple platforms?

You cannot buy Defiance for PC and play on console (or vice versa). You can, however, unlock Ark Hunter Rewards on a single Trion account and link to both Xbox and PS3.


Is a subscription required to play Defiance?

No, a subscription is not required to play Defiance! However, if you buy the game for Xbox 360, you will need to have an Xbox Live Gold membership in order to play. An optional Paradise Patron subscription and non-recurring passes are available that grant a number of benefits:

  1. Boosts to Skill, XP, Scrip, Salvage, and Reputation gain rates that stack with boosts available in the store.
  2. 10% store-wide discount on boosts, costumes, lock boxes – all of it!
  3. A daily grab bag of two-hour boosts.
  4. Arkforge from Daily and Weekly Ark Hunter Bonus Lock Boxes. (Console players must link their accounts to receive these benefits and bonuses!)

What methods of payment will I be able to use?

For PC, Trion Worlds accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Rixty & MOL, and PayPal. Bit cards are also available for purchase at major retailers and at the in-game store. Payment methods through the PlayStation store and Xbox Live may differ, and you should refer to those stores for payment details.

What types of things are sold in the in-game store?

All sorts of awesome items are available: vehicles, costumes, boosts, lock boxes, and more!

What are Bits and how do I purchase them?

Bits is the currency that you use to purchase items from the Defiance in-game store. There are several ways to get Bits depending on your game platform.

To buy Bits on PC:

  1. Log in to Defiance.
  2. Open the Defiance Store (press “P” on your keyboard by default).
  3. Click “BUY BITS”.
  4. Choose the number of Bits you would like to purchase and then click “CONTINUE TO PAYMENT”.
  5. Use your existing method of payment or select “ADD A NEW PAYMENT METHOD”.

    Note: (North America) Credit Card and Paypal are the accepted forms of payment.

    (Europe) Credit Card and Direct Debit are the accepted forms of payment.

  6. Complete your purchase.

To buy Bits for Xbox 360:

  1. Log in to Defiance.
  2. Open your EGO menu and select “DEFIANCE STORE”.
  3. Select “GET MORE BITS”.
  4. Choose the number of Bits you would like to add, then complete your purchase.

    Note: You must redeem enough Microsoft Points to cover the price of purchasing a Bit Pack. If you do not have enough Microsoft Points on your Xbox LIVE account, please follow the onscreen prompts to top up.

To buy Bits for the PlayStation®3 Computer System:

  1. Log in to Defiance.
  2. Open your EGO menu and select “DEFIANCE STORE”.
  3. Select “GET MORE BITS”.
  4. Choose the number of Bits you would like to add, then complete your purchase.

    Note: You must redeem enough points to cover the price of purchasing a Bit Pack. If you do not have enough funds in your PlayStation®Network wallet, please follow the onscreen prompts to top up.