Trouble in Paradise – Defiance 2050 Update

Greetings, Ark Hunters! On October 15, 2018, we’re unleashing a massive update for Defiance 2050: Trouble in Paradise! This update brings the Hulker Hell event, introduces a new enemy type,...

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Xbox One Deals with Gold Sale!

Greetings Ark Hunters! Save up to 35% on select Defiance 2050 Packs on Xbox One with the Deals with Gold Sale!

Hosted Defiance Livestream – Uniqopian

Greetings Ark Hunters! On Friday, September 7, 2018 we’re hosting the incredible Uniqopian for the Defiance 2050 livestream! Be sure to watch from her channel directly to take part in...

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Crusader is Coming This Fall

This Fall, prepare to lead the fight as the hammer slamming Crusader charges into Paradise! Choose from a variety of classes in the free-to-play action shooter Defiance 2050, and brace...

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