D2050/D13 Purified Gulanite Capacity & Powertech Lock Box

Defiance 2050 Purified Gulanite Capacity

Already reached your full capacity in Defiance 2050, ark hunter? Or you’d like to save up to buy more goodies from the Ex Inanis? We surely have a solution to allow you carry more Purified Gulanite.

The following capacity expansion is now on sale for 25% off.

  • +25 Purified Gulanite Capacity

Don’t miss this chance to get the maximum capacity before the deal is gone!

Defiance Powertech Lock Box

Incoming, ark hunters! Until the end of week, you can get this limited Powertech Lock Box at the Defiance Store.

This lock box contains 4 rare or better Powertech themed weapons. As well as a rare chance to receive an exclusive outfit or headgear.

Now is your chance to claim this rare lock box before it’s gone!

Both deals will end on May 17, 2020 11 AM PDT – get them in the in-game stores while you can!

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