Passionate Pack and Supply Caches

Whether you’re looking to say “I love you” to someone or spread the passion, the Valentines season has something special for you. For a limited time, this hot bundle will be available in Defiance and Defiance 2050!

Passionate Pack (Available February 10 through February 16)

The Passionate Pack is only available during the Valentine’s Day, so don’t miss your chance to show your love. This pack contains:

  • “Unchained Spirit” Outfit and Headgear
  • “Night Porter” Outfit
  • RM Nomad V6 “Burning Desire”
  • “Unchained” and “Hopeless Romantic” Titles
  • 30-Day Patron Pass (Only in Defiance, not available in Defiance 2050)

The following supply crates will be also available in Store during the Valentine’s Day Update and will be gone after March 9th.

Mayhem and Mutiny Cache (Defiance 2050)

Contains a rare or better Devouring Weapon, Mod or Replication Crystal. All weapons and mods have Mod Fusion: Devouring Essence.

As always buy 50 to get a Legendary item as a bonus and buy 100 to get a Legendary item and a Prime Devouring Weapon!

Essence Drain Supply Crate (Defiance)

Chance at one of the 7 Essence Drain jackpot weapons! This limited-time box contains 1 epic or better Essence weapon and 3 Mods from rare to legendary (at least 1 epic or better), all with the limited Essence Drain mod synergy!   

Don’t miss this chance to spread the passion and pick these deals up before they’re gone!

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