Greetings Ark Hunters!

Well, the heatwave might have not driven you crazy – but it certainly raised the temperature around here! It boiled down to the decision of extending our Summer Credit Sales! That’s right, if you haven’t yet, you still have the chance to take advantage of our tropical deal! Just don’t take too long: such sultry landscapes may soon become nothing but deserts!

You already know the drill, right? Oh, you don’t? Let’s refresh your memory, shall we?

Defiance 2050:

$5.99 purchase – 500 credits + 100 BONUS credits
$49.99 purchase – 5000 credit + 2500 BONUS credits


$5.00 purchase – 400 credits + 80 BONUS credits
$50 purchase – 4000 credits + 2240 BONUS credits

In addition, we have added a permanent 9.99$ package to our webshop! (This one is heatproof!)

Now extended, this offer evaporates on July 31st, 2019 at 11.59 PM CEST! This is a one-time offer only per account; it is not available to those who have already purchased credits and acquired their bonus.

Make sure to drink water and have fun!

Your Gamigo Team