Ex Inanis Supply Crate Rotation + New Synergy: Parasitic Impetus!

Today, Wednesday, September 6th, the Ex Inanis Supply Crates rewards will be rotating out, and new weapons and synergies will arrive!

In addition to the Saturnalia and Nano Volatility Force synergies, the new supply crates will also contain a brand new synergy called Parasitic Impetus.

New Synergy: Parasitic Impetus

[1] Damaging an enemy increases movement speed by 30% for 5s (Cooldown: 10s)
[2] -15% Reload
[3] +15% Damage
[4] On dodge roll, gain parasitic contagion for 10s (Cooldown: 15s). Parasitic contagion grants +15% life/shield steal and causes munitions to infect enemies. Infected enemies take an additional 7% damage and spawn shrill feeders when killed. Feeder attacks spread the infection.

Get the full patch notes for the Ex Inanis Synergy update.

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