New Cyber Rig: Electrocutioner!

An electrifying new Cyber Rig crate is coming to the New Frontier, which features a new jackpot Cyber Rig and chip!

New Cyber Rig: Electrocutioner

[70] Disruptor

  • +10% Shield Damage

[120] Accelerated Reloader

  • On enemy shield break, -25% Reload for 5s. (Cooldown: 10s)

[170] Damage

  • +10% Damage

[220] Electrocutioner

  • On hit electrocute an enemy for 3s. Electrocuted enemies are stunned and take increased shield damage. (Cooldown: 6s)

Every jackpot Cyber Rig obtained from the Electrocutioner Cyber Rig supply crate will come with 15 randomly pre-filled legendary Cyber Chips, which will also have a chance to be supreme as well!

New Keystone Chip: Munition Amplifier

  • +15% Shield Damage

Lastly, all Cyber Chips will now be tradable, making it even easier to customize your rig the way you want!

The new Cyber Rig crate hits the Defiance store on August 15. Discuss this on our official forums!