There’s No Escaping the Event Horizon!

On April 3rd the New Frontier was thrust into the Event Horizon! This all new Defiance event pits ark hunters from all over the world against a deadly roster of syphon-focused enemies.

New Synergy: Ether Acceleration

[1] +7.5% Ammo pool regen / 10s
[2] +15% Reload
[3] Damaging an enemy applies particle overload for 15s (Cooldown: 0.5 s). Particle overload increases damage taken by 2.5% (Max Stacks: 10)
[4] Applying particle overload to an enemy improves accuracy, recoil, and rate of fire by 2.5% for 7.5s (Max Stacks: 10)

Accelerated manufactured weapons grant +10% Nano Proc Chance and 5% Life and Shield Steal.

Weapon Types
Mass Blaster (NEW X3 shot pistol), Slagger (NEW Rapid fire Slugger), Blast Rifle, Pulser, HP-A Wolfhound (Full-Auto), Auto Sniper Rifle (Full Auto), LM-43 Thunder

Jackpot Weapons

New Bundle – Voyager Pack

  • RM Nomad V6 “Nebula” vehicle
  • Legendary Accelerated Bombardier with brand new skin
  • “Voyager” Title

Voyager Pack

All jackpots will have a gorgeous new skin that’s out of this world! The intergalactic vortex look is all the rage throughout the entire Bay Area.

Event Horizon Skins

Come right up to the edge and gaze into the Event Horizon from April 3 through April 24!

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