Colony Courtship: Hellbug Love is in the Air until February 27!

It’s Valentine’s Day once again! You know what that means, Ark Hunters! Love and freaky pheromones are in the air, as Hellbugs of the New Frontier begin their annual Colony Courtship from now until February 27!

You’ll need to defend yourself with all this Hellbug courtship chaos going on. The kind manufacturers of the Bay area are very happy to help out.

New Synergy: Mutagenic Gestation
[1] Being hit by an opponent increases your movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. (Cooldown:10s)
[2] +20% Mag
[3] +10% Life and Shield Steal
[4] On hit, +20% damage and rate of fire for 5s. Also triggers a random hellbug nano chain eruption (Cooldown: 10s)

EVO is a powerful new weapon manufacturer. EVO manufactured weapons reduce incoming damage taken by 5%!

As Colony Courtship Arkfalls crash to earth, keep a sharp eye out for Majors! They offer a chance at the new Jackpot weapons listed below – brought to you because we all know that Hellbug love bites.

  • Saprophyte – Blast Rifle
  • Aculeata – Blaster Pistol
  • Metamorph – Tachmag Pulser
  • Hematophagous – Chango Fragger
  • Encephalitis – Mazu Disruptor
  • Chrysalis – Canker
  • Caustic Venom – Blast Bolter

New Skins!

All Jackpots for Colony Courtship come with brand new skins! The skins change color based on the nano of the weapon. These brand new skins are inspired by the Hellbugs they are built to destroy.

A new pursuit has been added called “Cull the Swarm”. Complete it during the Colony Courtship event to receive a special reward: epic jackpot weapon “Parasite” (Fragger) and the title “Mutated”.

We love it when a bundle comes together. Join the B-Squad which is kind of like a team, but just different enough. Pick up the B-Squad Pack and unlock a gorgeous van and much more!

  • RM Renegade “B-Squad” Van
  • Epic EVO Nano Fragger with Mutagenic Gestation synergy
  • Bubblegum Killer outfit
  • “B-Squad” Title

What’s not to love about this event?

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