Hulker Hell on Earth – Until November 7

Ark hunters,

Let the festivities begin! Absurd numbers of Hulkers have gathered in anticipation of this momentous event: Hulker Hell.

Hulker Hell will hit the New Frontier starting on October 17th. A long awaited celebration of tricks and treats, this event brings a special delivery of pumpkins to Paradise until November 7.

  • This seasonal celebration brings both terror and toys – take full advantage with new weapons and mods from Hulker Hell Arkfalls and Sanguine Extraction Supply Crates.

Ready for the Autumnal awesomeness?

  • Make your own Hulker Hell happen with the Drag Me To Hell Arkfall Summon when you own the Arkbreaker DLC.
  • Limited-time Halloween Contracts and Instances welcome 12 total players.
  • Complete the Halloween pursuit to gain the Legacy Hacker Outfit

Sanguine Extraction
[1] +25% chance self-revive cooldown will not be triggered
[2] +100% damage for 5s after using self-revive.
[3] +10% damage
[4] +10% Life and Shield Steal

All RIP manufactured weapons also have 20% increased mag size!

Sanguine Extraction Synergy

Weapon types
Blast Rifle, INF-27 Immunizer, LM-43 Thunder, Surge Blaster, Chango Fragger (NEW), Surge Bolter, and Pulser

Torque or Treat Pack

The all new Vanity Bundle is here and contains this frighteningly good stuff:

  • RM Renegade “Torque or Treat” Van with a brand new epic skin!
  • Mass-O-Lantern Mass Cannon Cannon RL V
  • Giant Pumpkin Launcher V
  • “The Witch” and “The Warlock” titles

In a van down by the river!

The 2015 Triple Costume Pack is also back on the store for a limited time! Get yours now!

Hulker Hell Event Details
Start time: Monday, October 17 at 12:00 PM PDT
End time: Monday, November 7 at 12:00 PM PDT

Fall into fun with Hulker Hell Arkfalls, limited-time Costume Packs, pumpkins and more.

Happy Halloween,
The Defiance Team

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