The Exchange and EGO Experience Arrive!


Ark hunters,

The Exchange has safely arrived on the new frontier, thanks in part to the hard work of the richest citizen of the new frontier: Varus Soleptor. Accessible anywhere due to the fortunate compatibility with EGO implants, you can now find the Exchange from the comfort of your EGO interface.

The Exchange allows you buy items that other ark hunters have listed for sale. Search through categories, sort, filter, and find your perfect purchase.

In order to list any item on the Exchange, you must first be in the possession of an Exchange Sell Slot. As a Paradise Patron, you will automatically be in the possession of four of these valuable slots.


Once an item is sold, you can collect the item or proceeds from the Exchange interface in the My Order or My Items sections.

A special note from Varus, he does ask a small token of scrip for each item listed. A 10% transaction fee for his troubles is deducted from your proceeds.


Aside from the arrival of the Exchange, we are happy to share that experience now matters even more to ark hunters everywhere. You will now be able to reach EGO level 6000 solely on experience, and Pursuits will now be optional on your journey to max EGO rating.

Ark hunters who have already reached 6000 will remain so and additional rewards are earned each time you fill your experience bar completely. The original 305 EGO levels will remain; you will not be able to earn additional EGO perk points past this point.  Pursuits remain and assist with progression, but are no longer required for all.

To our Defiance Veterans who have already faced this challenge, we offer both a special salute and a surprise from the Defiance Team. You are our first, our few, our most dedicated ark hunters.

Choose the way you level in Defiance and find the jackpot you’ve always wanted with the Exchange.

Happy Hunting,

The Defiance Team

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