Dark Metamorphosis is Live in Defiance


Ark hunters,

We are very happy to share that our Dark Metamorphosis update is live in Defiance. Dark Matter forces have developed new and horrifying weapons that could spark a second Pale War with their destructive power. Rally now with your fellow ark hunters against new Shrill minor Arkfalls, fight the infestation with new pursuits, and conquer a new Mission line in the Silicon Valley area. Face these new challenges and then test your strength against the Dark Matter and Shrill in a new solo instance in the ghostly ruins of Monterey!

  • New Mission Line: Dark Metamorphosis
    • Dark Shadows
    • Shrill Hunt
    • Contain and Destroy
    • Emergency Extraction
    • Operation Siren Song


  • New Pursuits
    • Season Four: Dark Metamorphosis
    • Shrill Slayer I, II, III
  • New Solo Instance
  • New Shrill Minor Arkfall in Silicon Valley

This invasive, parasitic threat to human and Votan-kind must be stopped at any cost. Join forces against the Neo Vontanis Front with Captain Enar now to fight off the Shrill assault on Silicon Valley!

Happy hunting,

The Defiance Team

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