Solstice Strike and Celebration 2015


In times long past, humanity celebrated a warm holiday tradition in many parts of the globe. Even now, memories persist of decorated conifers, reindeer, snowmen, massive feasts and giftgiving. Then the world changed, and life become harder, rougher, and less prone to celebration. We’re DONE with that.

We are committed to bringing cheer and fun back to this darkest time of year. It’s beginning to look a lot like the traditional holiday season in Paradise! We thumb our noses at death and hardship, Volge and exposure.

In fact, from December 14th to January 4th, we’re going to take the celebration TO the Volge. We doubt they’ll appreciate the sentiment, so we’ll warm them up one way or another… feel free to fill them with hot flaming death.

Solstice brings in a new pursuit, the Solstice Slayer, that will net you an epic jackpot SO2 Courier – this beauty can be upgraded to supreme!
Look for the Volge in both major and minor arkfalls during the Solstice Strike. You’ll find heaps of seasonal loot and battle your way through Volge to collect rewards of the new Eternal Presence synergy.

Oho, ho, ho, you say, what is this Eternal Presence synergy? Glad you asked!
[1] 5% Ammo pool regen on kill (Cooldown: 10s)
[2] +10% Mag Size
[3] 15% chance to fully reload equipped weapon on kill (Cooldown: 10s)
[4] 10% chance to refresh all cooldowns on kill (Cooldown: 30s)

Not to be outdone, the Tarr family will offer daily and weekly contracts that pay out epic and legendary Eternal Presence loot. Who says that Datak is a Scrooge? Best of all, he couldn’t care less if you’ve been naughty or nice, as long as you get the job done.
Finally keep an eye out for the Abominable Warmaster, only found in a special summoned Major Arkbreak!
On the store, two new cosmetic holiday bundles are also available during the Solstice, to outfit you in the holiday spirit:

Wreck the Halls Pack – 2600 Bits

  • Cyberclaus Outfit and Headgear
  • Grim Wreather Title
  • RM Nomad V6 Camo “Mistle Tow Truck”
  • SB-32 Freezing Swam (Legendary)
  • 30 Days Patron
  • Cinnamon Sugar Shank Charge Blade

Abominable Warmaster Pack – 2600 Bits

  • Abominable Warmaster Outfit and Headgear
  • Frosty Abnomination Title
  • TMW Hannibal 800R “Ice Hunter”
  • SB-32 Volge Icestorm Pistol
  • 30 Days Patron
  • Coolmint Sugar Shank Charge Blade

So to hell with the cold and dark of Solstice – celebrate in style and defeat the winter blues!
The Defiance Team