Defiance Season 3 Starts Tomorrow!


Defiance returns to TV tomorrow, June 12, with “The World We Seize,” a special two-hour U.S. premiere live on Syfy at 7/8c. Pick up the action seven months later in a very different Defiance filled with new villains, new aliens, and one game-changing, jaw-dropping moment!

Each episode will air a unique code for free game loot or bonuses in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and Germany, but the codes are limited-time offers! Tune in to catch the code, and collect all 12 over the course of the season to complete a new in-game Pursuit for epic rewards.

Watching outside the U.S.? Check your local listings or the cheat sheet below:

Canada – June 14, 2015
9pm PT / 6pm ET on Showcase

Australia – June 13, 2015
8:30pm on Syfy

Spain – June 15, 2015
21:30h on Syfy

France/Germany – June 16, 2015
8:45pm France, 8:15pm Germany on Syfy (catch the rest of the season at 9:00pm)

Mexico – June 23, 2015
20hs on Syfy

Brazil – June 23, 2015
21h on Syfy

Central/South America – June 23, 2015
22hs AR on Syfy

UK – June 25, 2015
9pm on Syfy

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