Defiance Developer Q&A: May 1


Welcome, ark hunters! You’ve asked, we’re answering. We’re back with another action packed Defiance Developer Q&A! Make sure to keep an eye out for the next question collection thread on our official forums next week!

    1. Will we see new enemy types in the immediate future within expeditions?

      We are currently working on a new Dark Matter Expedition in a new environment. It’s looking pretty sweet, we’ll have updates soon.

    2. Will bit gifting, or bit store item gifting become a thing?

      That’s something we’d like to get going, we have to clean up the store a bit first before we do that.

    3. Can we please get the old Cornucopia Supply Crate added to the bit store?

      The current Cornucopia Supply crate along with the other holiday crates will be removed from the store in the near future.

    4. Inventory is an issue many players have, but previous caps caused extensive disconnect issues, would it be possible to create a stash system where a player could place items that are not trade locked. This would allow more room in inventory for things that are such as chips/rigs and would open another possible bit store item to increase cap of stash.

      With the next update we are increasing the inventory cap by another 100.

    5. Are you aware of the issue regarding major arkfalls and incursions overwriting and wiping out a Warmaster arkfall? If so, do you have any plans in place to fix it?

      Yes, we are aware of the larger incursion event ending the Major Summon Arkfall (Warmaster), we are still investigating the root cause of this.

    6. Are there any plans to help organize the Salvage Matrix menus? If so what kind of plans?

      With the Alcatraz release there was an update to the Salvage Matrix functionality in the inventory. You can now Right Click (PC) or use the R2 Trigger (Consoles) for all your basic Salvage Matrix actions.

    7. Will we be able to break down orange weapons into silicon shards?

      Silicon Shards are an exclusive component when breaking down Cyber Rigs and Cyber Chips.

    8. Why did you guys remove the loot item pop up on top of screen?

      This is something we are in the process of correcting. For the time being, the smaller pop up will be fixed to show the proper rarity of the item.

    9. Have the Developers considered adding Chip Pullers to the in-game loot that only drops in boxes?

      Chip pullers will not come from any crates.

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