Alcatraz Update Coming to Defiance on April 14!

Alcatraz Update Coming to Defiance on April 14!

Ark hunters, prepare yourselves for challenging new gameplay and powerful new equipment in our Alcatraz Update coming April 14!

Once a maximum-security penitentiary, the Bay Area island of Alcatraz is now an Expedition rally point for ark hunters looking to explore enemy-infested territories.

  • Expeditions are 4-player co-op instanced battles that pit groups of players against increasingly difficult foes for increasingly valuable rewards.
  • Three Expeditions will be available when the free Alcatraz Update launches: the forgotten bunkers of The War Below, Stolen Purpose’s labyrinthine mines, and the cavernous Hellbug Hunt.
  • Read our Expedition preview to learn more about their new mechanics and challenges!

And what new rewards will you reap? Golden hellbugs and chests guarded by enemy captains and commanders contain Expeditions’ highly sought-after Cyber Rigs and Cyber Chips.

  • Cyber Rigs are implants that connect your nervous system directly with your gear, augmenting your effectiveness in battle.
  • This new item type is powered and enhanced by Cyber Chips, each imparting their own bonus to your rig.
  • Check out our Cyber Rigs preview to discover how this new equipment will change the way you play Defiance!

For more details on what’s coming next, be sure to catch up with Creative Lead Carble “LoCarb” Cheung! We’d also like to also extend a special thanks to the dedicated testers from the Defiance community who have been putting this latest update through its paces on the Public Test Server.

Meet you at The Rock soon!

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